Illustrators Club
Ready to level up your illustration skills?
Join the illustrators Club to learn fundamental and advanced cartoon drawing techniques so you can become a better artist in less time!

What's in the club?

The Illustrators Club was created to provide a place where young artists who love cartoons can learn how to become better in their craft, ask questions, and be inspired! Lessons will feature expressive characters, as well as as manga styles, classical cartooning, and real-life observation. Learn how to draw animals, people, environments, vehicles, and more!
  • 4 new on-demand lessons every month
  • Get access to the whole on-demand library
  • Great for ages 10+ through young adult
What else should I know?
Lessons are designated as fundamentals and advanced. Fundamental lessons are great for kids ages 10+ , and advanced lessons are great for teens and young adults. Content is all-ages appropriate and guaranteed to help you advance your skills. Plus, you only need basic drawing supplies!
  • Includes monthly posts with insights and coaching tips
  • Ask questions and vote on upcoming lessons ideas
  • Access on a web browser, or on the iOS/Android app
  • $20 per month, with 1 week trial. Billed monthly

Who's the artist?

Ben Faubion, created Minicrew as an outlet for his characters and love of illustration. He’s a dad of 2 creative kids, and a designer with a B.F.A. in design/illustration. He also created along with his wife, Rebecca, who is arts education specialist and teacher.

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