Minicrew NFT Collection
Rock your NFT collection with Minicrew and friends!
Everything that’s unique to Minicrew, from the characters to their unqiue geniues, in an NFT.
Meet the team!
Join the Minicrew team as they build and design wild inventions, while overcoming obstacles to their creative genius. Each Minicrew character represents a part of the creative process, and they’ll teach you how to win in your unique journey through humor and innovation.
A jack-of-all-trades, playful, experimental, and a master maker.
The go-getter, enthusiastic, bounces back after failure.
The innovative and diligent coach who fights for more!
The old sage, imparts noble values and wise decision making.
Bird with a view that teaches goal setting and forsight.
What makes Minicrew unique?
At the heart of the Minicrew art, stories, characters, and everything else is one central question. What would your life look like if you took a step every believing that your unique genius could make a difference? Within that amazing question, each Minicrew character is here to inspire, uplift, and guide with their values.
Embrace your unique genius with positivity!
Keep trying, so you can win more and wallow less!
Challenge yourself with diligent habits every day
Confidently make wise choices with gratitude
Stay true to your vision & be open to new possibilities
Give Minicrew a boost!
When you buy into the Minicrew NFT collections, you support the Minicrew ethos. We consider these values to be core components of the maker mindset, something that we deepy believe in as necessary for young artists and creatives to thrive. We’re on a mission to spread Minicrew around the globe as a beloved brand and a lighthouse to young minds. Join the ride!
  • Boost Minicrew with financial resources
  • Help share the Minicrew ethos & values
  • Grow with Minicrew, we’re just getting started!
Featured Minicrew NFTs
Hasty's Rage: Blue Wave
Hasty's Rage: Arrr Matey
Hasty's Rage: Purple Punk
Hasty's Rage: Alien Encounter

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